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Up-lift your brand for the transformation

The current transformation of the markets is a major challenge for brands and companies. This is what the Brand Fitness Scan is all about, the brand transformation in its NOW. Too many brand messages, too

The current transformation of the markets is a major challenge for brands and companies. This is what the Brand Fitness Scan is all about, the brand transformation in its NOW. Too many brand messages, too much information and disruptive business models make customers more an more volatile. This type of customer is very unpredictable and difficult to ‚calculate‘.

A strategy deep dive for the brand transformation

The Strategy Boot Camp is a deep dive into the brand and will help to manage the brand transformation. It reflects the current situation, it’s a review, analysis and points out future potentials. Core element of the bootcamp is the customer with their needs, demands and wishes. Take aways of this intensive brand transformation workshop are new perspectives, surprising arguments, content themes and useful tools for future brand management (futures fitness).

This 1-day Strategy Bootcamp covers the following topics:

1. Brand ID
Analysis and evaluation of the current brand identity (including personality, activities, positioning, market)

2. CVP
Review of the current ‚Customer Value Proposition‚ (CVP) taking into account the actual and future brand potentials.

3. CX
Customer Experience (CX), how does customers experience the brand at key touch points? How can the CX be optimized and create a better and stronger fit with Category Entry Points (CEP)?

4. Brand Radar
Based on the findings, the participants will build their own brand wheel, a smart tool for fluid brand management. This tool will help to keep the brands in good shape.

5. Outlook
Defining what needs to be eliminated, created, reduced and strengthened to achieve and implement the key findings successfully. This will be your Next Step list after the Brand Boot Camp.

What is a Strategy boot camp?

This method is characterized by a very fast, interactive and fun-filled dealing with the various themes. All participants will be closely involved, act agile and produce content based on the visual thinking method.

For whom is the workshop intended for?
The workshop is aimed at SME’s, Start Up’s, hidden champions and companies who see the current digital transformation and the associated massive market changes as a challenge. The ‚Brand Fitness Scan‘ will provide initial input for this challenge.

How individual the company is taken into account during this working day?
The content of the workshop will be coordinated in advance with the company to fit the individual needs. Also, the follow-up Executive Summary is dedicated solely to the individual brand.

One more thing.
Organizations interested in a Brand Fitness Scan or a customized Strategy Boot Camp driven by Sam’s Strategy Kitchen can do this in-house, or at a special external location. Here we can help to find the location. And in the spring and autumn of 2016, we offer a Special Edition ’Think & Sail’: a strategy boot camp in combination with a sail training as team event at Northern Italy’s Lake Garda.

Are you interested?
If you are interested in a Brand Fitness Scan, a special Strategy day as in-house session or at an external location, just drop us a mail. It doesn’t matter where you are based, we will come back as soon as possible and talk to you. Mail: holger(at)samsstrategykitchen.com

Holger Ambroselli has worked in brand and strategy development as entrepreneur and consultant for many years. His international experience and knowledge in intercultural brand management have made him a sought-after strategy thinker, keynote speaker and brand coach. He is also one of the drivers behind ‚Sam’s Strategy Kitchen‘, which supports a company’s transformation by creating customer and business value through experience design innovation.