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Digital transformation workshop

The digital transformation is one of todays major business challenges. But do you have a digital strategy? Is your organization ready for the digitalization?

Did you ever think about your Plan D?

This workshop gives insights into the requirements of the digital transformation, the current status of your brand and the customer behavior in the digital environment.
We will analyze your market position and define the gaps between your present strategy and the potential digital strategy and we will give you a task list for the management of the transformation in your organization.

1 day workshop outline

  • PART 1 | Status of the Brand, definition and direction – Brand Fitness Scan.
  • PART 2 | Analysis and definition of your potential digital customer.
  • PART 3 | GAP analysis between your current strategy and the potential digital strategy.
  • PART 4 | Your most important next steps and how to implement your plan D.

What will be the key take away for your brand?

The workshop will deliver brand insights for your company and create a common understanding about the digital strategy challenges in your team.

This includes marketing personas from your digital customers, organizational needs, required changes for the brand strategy and an implementation plan ‘How to change your strategy into digital‘.

more about the Plan D workshop

Why participate in a Plan D workshop?

This Plan D workshop is aimed at all the brands that need to reflect on how to move towards a digital transformation or need help to gain a better understanding of the impact of changing to a digital strategy.

Who should participate in a Plan D workshop?

The workshop is dedicated to leadership teams, including those responsible for strategy, marketing, sales, product management and/or communication.

Where and when will the workshop take place?

This Plan D workshop can take place in-house, or (what we recommend) at any external creative location. This will give your team a 100% focus on your future digital strategy.

The Plan D workshop in detail


In the first part of the workshop we will analyze your present Brand positioning and definition and the existent digital assets of the brand. The outcome of this scan shows how fit your brand is for the digital transformation.

Desktop research, interviews and an analysis of your communication landscape will serve as preparation and input for this part of the workshop.



The second part of the workshop will be used to define the ‘digital marketing personas’ for your business. We will build insights into the category entry points for these customers and what the ideal customer experience should be.

We will also look at the relevant communication channels and target markets.


The third part of the workshop will link the first two parts. We will match the digital customer with your current situation and we will develop the potential Customer Value Proposition for your Plan D.

We will identify the critical skill sets and uncover the gaps to uplift your organization for a digital strategy.


The final part of the day is dedicated to the implementation of the digital transformation strategy. We will outline the key milestones and how to approach the strategy shift from a process-by-process perspective.

This next step list is a wrap up of the day and will help you to understand the implementation, the impact and its risks.

Who will guide you through the day?

The workshop will be prepared and headed by two international experienced brand and strategy consultants: Oriol Francás and Holger Ambroselli.
About Oriol

Oriol Francás has over 20 years experience as Brand Strategic Planner and Marketing Communication Consultant. He handled his first online client in the year 2000 and since then has worked on the agency or consulting side for more than 50 national and international brands and gained experience in almost all market sectors and activities.

From Brand Direction he helps companies define their brand strategy and implement effective marketing communication to achieve the brand’s objectives. (Languages: Spanish, English)

About Holger

Holger Ambroselli has worked in brand and strategy development as entrepreneur and consultant for many years. His international experience and knowledge in intercultural brand management have made him a sought-after strategy thinker, keynote speaker and brand coach.

He is also one of the drivers behind ‚Sam’s Strategy Kitchen‘, which supports a company’s transformation by creating customer and business value through experience design innovation. (Languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian)

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